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Our Mission

Established in 2019, Treetog is an independent online publication with a primary focus on software troubleshooting. We started by targeting Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform on YouTube. Since then, we have expanded our platform far beyond its initial intent. Our mission extends beyond delivering vital news, tech tips, and guidance. We engage in substantial behind-the-scenes efforts, venturing into new territories to consistently translate complex technology issues into user-friendly solution guides on our YouTube Channel. Since our inception, Treetog has evolved into a leading web destination for tech coverage, boasting a dedicated team of seasoned tech journalists, content creators, and editors. Thousands of digital enthusiasts rely on us each month for trusted troubleshooting guides, contributing to their digital literacy and enriching their tech lives.

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Our Values

Learn about the values that set us apart from others. We follow three main principles to ensure the best user experience for our customers.

Authentic Content

Our team of experts ensures that all troubleshooting guides and tutorials are thoroughly researched, verified, and tailored to address real-world software issues, guaranteeing the highest level of accuracy and reliability.

Real Engagement

Our commitment to real engagement sets Treetog apart. We foster a vibrant community where users can actively participate in discussions, share their experiences, and receive personalized assistance for their software troubleshooting needs.

Clear & Concise

At Treetog, we believe in delivering software troubleshooting solutions that are presented in a clear and concise manner, enabling our users to understand and resolve their issues efficiently.

About Our Achievements

Discover the remarkable journey of Treetog as we highlight the significant milestones we have achieved in providing top-notch software troubleshooting solutions to millions of users worldwide.

Positive User Feedback

Our satisfied users have successfully resolved their software issues with the help of Treetog’s resources. Their positive feedback is a testament to the effectiveness and value of our platform.

Recognitions and Awards

Treetog has been honored with prestigious recognitions and awards in the tech industry for its outstanding contributions to software troubleshooting.

Sponsorship Deals

Treetog successfully has had 38+ partnerships and sponsorship deals with leading software companies and industry influencers, establishing Treeetog as a trusted authority in software troubleshooting.


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Editorial Guidelines

The quality of our content is what matters the most to us. We make it our mission to design difficult topics about technology into easy-to-follow solutions guides that would help everybody. The following are the core pillars of our content.

  • Content creators’ level of expertise.
  • The readability of the content.
  • The quality of the formatting.
  • The clarity and quality of photos and screenshots.
  • The appropriateness of language and imagery.
  • The presence of high-definition video.
  • The accuracy and precision of the steps.
  • The professionalism of content creators.
  • The overall presentation and visual appeal.


We are not responsible about any system crash or data loss that might have been caused after following our guides and trying software reviewed on Treetog. It is always best to create a System Restore Point or system image backup before trying anything new. Also, where required, you may have to ‘Log In As Administrator’ or ‘Run As Administrator’, to carry out or execute particular tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Treetog Legit & Safe?

Of course! Also, we try to check our links and make sure everything we suggest abides by all security checks. In some situations, we have partnerships and sponsorships with software makers.

However, this by no means is about malware. It’s simply a program that is optional for you to install.

Does Treetog Cost?

The content on our website is totally free and will likely remain so. But, we do make money from advertisements on our website and also affiliate programs and software partnerships. Thus, if you visit links within our content, we may receive commissions.

However, our content will not be biased for any compensation or consideration that we may receive.